Restorative Sound 

Peaked Hill Studio owner Valerie Sonnenthal offers Restorative Sound Journeys 

using Himalayan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Monochords, Chimes and other

instruments. The resonant vibrational healing qualities of the instruments can help to

alleviate pain and discomfort, inviting deep relaxation and relief. This enables the body to

make the shifts necessary for healing to take place on all levels.


You may lie down during a Sound Bath, or choose to sit in a comfortable chair.

Make a comfortable nest for your self using blankets and pillows under your head and

knees or thighs. Darken the room and cover your eyes with an eye mask/pillow or scarf.

Find a place you will not be disturbed in your home.

Online Sound Healing

Sundays @7 pm

June 27

July 25

 on the Peaked Hill Studio Facebook page

or contact me for a Zoom link

*Please make a donation to a local food bank or other local need

in lieu of payment 

*Private sessions available in Chilmark only.