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HAugust 2022

All classes begin with the

Revolution In Motion Essentials meditation:

Monday 8/22  Feet First @ 4:30pm:

With our feet being our primary contact point to the world around us we will start by upgrading the feet and learning how they integrate information from our surrounding environment.


Tuesday 8/23  Hollowing The Abs @ 4:30 p.m:

The abdominals are a crucial part of the human body when it comes to high performance of any kind. Learn how to harness the power and connection of the abdominals.


Wednesday 8/24  Lift the Torso @ 9 a.m:

The placement of our torso, in relation to the rest of our bodies, is vital for the health of the spine and shoulders. In this sequence we will learn how to facilitate the best torso position possible.

THURSDAY 8/25 Pelvic Floor Fitness @ 10:30 a.m.

The pelvic floor integrates and stabilizes our bodies, We will learn how to restore elasticity/tone, strength and function to the pelvic floor. Both women and men benefit from this class. Experience the connection between your pelvic floor and your feet, hips, abdominal muscles, spine, and your brain.

Colin Donohoo has been coaching, and studying the human experience as a kinesiologist for 15 years. He grew up in California and worked through the ranks at Equinox in Los Angeles to become a Tier X Coach. He has spent the years learning various movement systems and modalities which he uses to help people reconnect to their bodies. He now owns his own coaching business called The Language of Movement, and he believes that strength, restorative exercise and play are vital for living a healthy life. One of the primary movement systems that he teaches is called Revolution In Motion. This movement system is novel and works to guide people back to their natural blueprint. Through his work he encourages people to move in nature and to play with the people they love. 



$30 for a Single Class

$75 for a 3-Class Pass



September 2022

Our retreats are short so women

who do not have a lot of free time can

indulge themselves for a weekend of

learning, exploring and bonding with a

view of the ocean. Enjoy the outdoors,

hike from our door on the highest point

on the Island and feel empowered to

make choices to improve your

health and well-being.

Arrive: Friday, September 23rd and enjoy a free evening exploring the Island.


9 am:  Kaiut Yoga

10:30 am:                                                                                will talk about how she helps mid-life women lose weight, have more energy, sleep better and feel like themselves again, with a customized approach for individual needs. The last 1/2 hour will be a Q&A. I have been working with Laura since 2021.

Lunch: noon to 2pm at the studio: fresh salads and veggies from local farms. Participants can hang out together, enjoy a walk/hike or take a siesta if needed.

2 pm: RevInMo Pelvic Floor Fitness taught by Valerie Sonnenthal

2:45 pm: break

3 - 4 pm: other influences class taught by Valerie Sonnenthal - this is a class that will focus primarily on hands and feet, ending our day with loving self care.

4 - 6:30 pm: break

Group Dinner: 6:30 - 8 pm; all locally sourced from meat, fish and dairy to veggies.


9 am: Kaiut Yoga

10:30 am- 11:40 am:                                                                                  

will introduce the basics about cleanses and answer your questions. She has been leading Standard Process Cleanses for groups for years. I joined her about six years ago and have participated bi-annually most years.

11:45 am: Final Sound Experience - Sound Journey

12:30- 2 pm: lunch and farewells

2pm Departure

Closest Lodging to Peaked Hill Studio in Chilmark:

Captain Flanders Inn
Summersweet B&B

Ten Minutes Away in West Tisbury:

Noah’s Ark Inn
Cleveland House
West Tisbury Inn

Fifteen Minutes Away in Aquinnah:

The Duck Inn

Also camping on studio property is available.


Cost: $275

Early Bird Prince $250, available until August 24th

Use Discount Code RETREAT9*22

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