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Online Yoga Classes

How to join our live online Peaked Hill Yoga classes:

  • Go to the Class Schedule page above and click on the class you would like to attend to make a reservation.

  • All students who have made reservations will receive an email 15-20 minutes before the start of class which will include the link and password for the online class.

  • Click on the link in the email, enter the password provided and the online class will open on your screen.  (Note: You may receive a prompt to download the Zoom app first before opening the class on your screen.  You are encouraged to download the app for a better zoom experience.)

  • Be sure to open the class on your device at least 10-15 minutes before class so you will have time to set up your camera so the teacher can see you and so you can settle in before class. 

​Please pick a tranquil space in your home with both a strong WiFi signal and an area that can accommodate legs up the wall and **log in no later than 5-10 minutes prior to class time for check-in. Set up your camera at one end corner of your mat ideally on a low table or slightly raised from the floor​.     


Props & Equipment


* Ideally you have a mat at home, or just use a rug/carpet or towel. For standing poses use bare floor and bare feet.

* If you do not have a bolster, you can use a pillow, rolled blanket, rolled mat with a towel.

* Have a yoga strap or an equivalent strap at least 6' long.

* Yoga blocks (2) of any variety or you can use books, thermoses or other objects the same height that can accommodate weight. If you don't have blocks don't worry using your imagination works too.

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