Online Kaiut Classes

Join us online

While we're not in the studio join our live online Kaiut Yoga classes. First you will need to create a free account at to join class. Set up your account with plenty of time before your first class. Please pick a tranquil space in your home with a strong wifi signal and that can accommodate legs up the wall.

Class starts and ends on time. Once registered on Zoom you will receive a link that connects you to the date-and-time-specific conference page. An email will notify you what props are required for class that day, and you must log in no later than 5-10 minutes prior to class time for check-in.

Props and Equipment

* Ideally you have a mat at home, or just use a rug/carpet or towel. For standing poses use bare floor and bare feet.

* If you do not have a bolster, you can use a pillow, rolled blanket, rolled mat with a towel. If you're interested in purchasing a bolster see                      .

* Have a yoga strap or an equivalent strap at least 6' long.

* Yoga blocks (2) of any variety or you can use a book, similar size cardbaord box weighted no more than 2 lbs. If you don't have blocks don't worry using your imagination works too.


New Class schedule: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 8:30am

Please email me to join Online Kaiut Yoga classes at