May 2021


May is here. Color and scent surprise and delight me; the gift of digging in around 200 bulbs last fall. I wanted Spring to greet me in her glory. Each flower I see seems brighter than any I can remember before. Whether the fragrance of viburnam or hyacinth each a reminder to stay present and not miss the surrounding bounty of nature.






I see new life at the sheep farm next door to Peaked Hill Studio. I watch new born lambs come into their bodies, neural systems jolting into connection as they experience their bodies.

To practice and to teach are different but both have the same goal, becoming present to allow the body to heal, trust the body's ability to adapt, grow and change. The work has always felt like a form of physical meditation.

Now that vaccination number two is over I'm just waiting for all the details to get completed so we can again be together in June, whether inside the new studio or on the lawn.

The blocks have arrived and once the final finish details are done

I look forward to setting up the studio and welcoming

students to our wonderful new space.


For May Kaiut Yoga Zoom classes continue on Tuesday and Thursday:

9-10 am classes

 12:30-1:30 pm classes

* Class sign-ups available up to 15 minutes prior to start

The next Restorative Sound Journey will be

available on Zoom and FB Live on Sunday, May 23 at 7pm.

Message me for meeting and link info.

Stay safe, be well and hope to see you on the mat soon,







 Restorative Sound Journey

May 23rd at 7pm

contact me for Zoom info and link or

listen to FB Live

see SOUND page for more info