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Welcome to Peaked Hill Studio by Valerie Sonnenthal 


Updated for March 2024

March means spring is on the air, and on the ground as snowdrops and bulb shoots appear. Chilmark came in with the highest snow totals in the last February snowstorm. I did a fair amount of shoveling; a walkway, digging the car out, creating a path for the dogs in the yard and digging out some of the driveway. I no longer get sore after an hour, but do make sure to shovel with my left besides my dominant right side.


Last month The MV Times published a piece they asked me to write about Sound Healing. Also I enjoyed sub-teaching Rev6 Level 1 and Pelvic Floor Fitness to the Rev6 community and will be subbing for Dr. Edythe Heus three times in March.

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                                                     Studio News                                                


I opened the bolsters to let them air out (top left) and am thrilled the Providence studio gets so much natural light (bottom left).

We will have an official May opening. In the meantime we will offer workshops and pop-up classes in Providence.

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We look forward to Pat Higgins teaching Qigong. Pat began her studies in the early 90’s with world renowned teachers such as Dan Brule, Leonard Orr and Master Wen-Ching Wu. As a 2009 divinity graduate of the American Institute of Holistic Theology, Pat continues to learn and blend qigong, meditation and related healing modalities to assist others in finding their own personal inner peace. She is a former member of the National Qigong Association and hospice volunteer, with over 30 years experience and multiple certificates, she teaches both individuals, group classes, and  workshops.


Author/Creator Miriam Jacobs returns to Martha's Vineyard and will be offering Tarot readings on Tuesday, March 5th from 4:30 - 6:30 pm and Wednesday, March 6th from 3 - 6 pm.

Text Miriam at 510-517-5649 to set up a reading.


For Providence peeps Miriam will be offering Tarot readings on Friday, March 8th from 4 - 7 pm at Corliss Corner on Wickenden Street.


Text Miriam at 510-517-5649 to set up a reading.


\Miriam will also offer an Embodied Wisdom: Tarot in Motion Workshop on Saturday, March 9th from 10 to 11:30 am at the Providence Sutton Street studio. Learn more on our Events Page.

  Studio Hours





Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 a.m.; Saturdays at 9 a.m.

online only 'til summer in Chilmark

Peaked Hill Yoga is all about biomechanical health (or said another way, your freedom of movement). It has been designed to work through chronic pain & injuries, general aches & stiffness, and work for the inflexible, hyper flexible and the aging body.​

All levels of experience

or no prior experience, all are welcome.

Rev6 Classes

Be My Guest

If you are interested in trying a Rev6 class you are welcome to join me

Pelvic Floor Fitness on Monday or Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Level 1 on Monday at 3 p.m. or

Vitality on Friday at 10 a.m. or 2 p.m.

* please contact Valerie directly to Be My Guest at 774-563-8282.

        Sound Healing       


*Restorative Sound Journey*


Full Moon Sound Journey,  Sunday, March 24th @2 pm

Full Moon Sound Journey, Tuesday, April 23rd @ 6 pm


 Sound Journey, Saturday, March 30th @5 pm

Sound Journey, Saturday, April 13th @7 pm


For private events, groups, families, retreats and more, contact or text 774-563-8282.


create an account and reserve your mat

or get a listening link

to enjoy when you need it

(*good for a week of therapeutic calm)



Stay grounded and have a healthy March



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