January 2021

We have rung in 2021, each in our own way, having weathered a year like none other in my lifetime. Getting to reflect on the ups and downs, the losses and hardships as well as what has blossomed during these pandemic times.

In January I will be joining a 4-week focused workshop on how to deal with student’s inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, joint degeneration, chronic pain and pain crisis led by Francisco Kaiut, I will also take a 2-day  teachers workshop with Yoga Mais founder Cristiana Sprengel in January.

I have learned so much as a teacher this year and always welcome the chance to go deeper in my understanding so I can better help my students.










The Kaiut Yoga schedule is the same for Tuesday and Thursday 9am classes.

There are no Friday classes in January and February.

**Tuesday and Thursday 12:30pm classes move to 1:30pm EST

for January 14 through February 11, 2021.

The next Restorative Sound Journey will be

available on Zoom and FB Live on Sunday,January 31st at 7pm.

Message me for meeting and link info.

Stay safe, be well and hope you enjoyed a good holiday break,






Restorative Sound Journey

January 31st at 7pm

contact me for Zoom info and link or

listen to FB Live

see SOUND page for more info