Welcome to Peaked Hill Studio by Valerie Sonnenthal 


Updated May, 2022
Breath, Mind Your Feet, Chant, Where do you keep your wobble board? Life is full. Last month I mentioned working with Functional Nutritional Therapist Laura Indigo, getting blood work done to look for markers and see what I can do or change to better support my health. Now it's time for just a few more tests, looking more closely at my gut biome, I'll update you in June about what I learn.

It was a pleasure to host the first Kaiut Yoga Teachers Retreat with Providence, R.I. teachers David Margolis and Bridget Witbeck (far right), MV teachers Billie Burke (2nd from left) and me in the center with Boston/MV bodyworker and teacher Rosemary Drinka. we had a great time practicing, teaching, learning from and about one another.


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Teaching RevInMo's Vitality class to assisted living facilities on the East Coast has been a blast. Get ready RevInMo creator Dr. Edythe Heus is coming to Peaked Hill Studio for a very special end of summer workshop from September 9th  to 15th. And Tucker Shelton will also be returning to teach Kaiut Yoga in August.

For our first Women's Health Retreat at Peaked Hill's Chilmark Studio you will be introduced to cleanses and how they work with Laura Love Denman-Magden, an MV-based life and wellness coach; Functional Nutritional Therapist Laura Indigo on what exactly she does; be introduced or go deeper in your biomechanical yoga practice, be introduced or experience RevInMo Pelvic Floor Fitness and cap off your experience with Sound Healing. Room for 8 women.

1st weekend:  September 23 - 25, 2022

email if you are interested.


All first online yoga classes are free, so invite a friend or family member and try something new. Every Tuesday at 5:30pm enjoy a free online Community yoga class offered in conjunction with the Chilmark Library. You can sign up by emailing

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The Peaked Hill Yoga schedule remains Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9am. Tuesdays and Thursday at 5:30pm

Enjoy spring light, new growth, and stay well.

I hope to see you soon.


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*Restorative Sound Journey*

Friday, June 17 @7 p.m.

Wednesday, July 13 @7 p.m.


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