October 2020

October nearly slipped right by me and on the 6th day of the month,

six days into my 21-day Standard Process Cleanse with Laura Love

Denman Magden, I realized I had not kept up.  There's lots going

on getting the new Peaked Hill Studio ready to open.


Since the age of Covid began I have been committed to teaching

and sharing sound healing. Last week on the day I would have written

my October page my husband went to the ER with chest pains, it was

the full Harvest Moon and a really crazy day.

And now here we are six days late or just later.









 I have decided to continue only M & W Kaiut Yoga classes at 12:30pm

for the remainder of October. 

There are a few imminent projects I'm taking some time to focus on besides welcoming a 10-week old puppy into our family. I look forward to offering

a welcoming space with windows on three sides of the practice room,

radiant heat floors and a limit of 6-8 students in 1000 square feet.

The Foot Workshop has been so much fun getting back to the roots

of my journey to heal chronic pain. I plan to continue FootWork

classes both online and in the new studio.

Restorative Sound Journeys will continue when

Peaked Hill Studio officially reopens in-person.

Enjoy past offerings on Facebook.


Stay safe and be well.






Restorative Sound Journey

returning soon

past recordings available

free on Facebook

see SOUND page for more info