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Foot Work

Enjoy a 1-hour weekly Foot Work class

on Tuesdays at 11am

WHAT: Each class will last 60 minutes and be unique.

Classes will be inspired by many modalities and people I have studied with.

 WHO: This class is tailored for everyone, whether you have no pain or    your feet always hurt. We will be hands on, no socks, sitting and standing. 

If you need to work from a chair we have those too.

WHY: We demand so much from our feet and rarely pay attention

to nurturing our feet beyond a pedicure or occasional foot massage,

but our feet need to be able to articulate movement. Our feet should

have the same dexterity as our hands, so any work with our feet helps

to improve circulation from our feet to our hips, improves balance 

and promotes healing.


         Tuesdays at 11am


Class reservations required and No Drop-ins. All participants must be vaccinated. Masks are required as of 8/20/21. All policies are subject to change based on state and local health guidelines. We have created a new waiver to include confirmation of you receiving a vaccination and that at least 14 days have passed symptom and illness free.



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